Thank you for your interest in Nepa Panel. You will through your membership in the panel be given the opportunity to make a real difference and influence important decisions for us at Nepa but also for other companies. Being a member of the Nepa Panel is free of charge. You are not obligated to participate but help us develop on a voluntary basis – something we are very grateful for. Welcome to the Nepa Panel!

We would like to bring your attention to what types of data we and other companies have the possibility to collect about you. Depending on the choices you make we have the possibility to collect two types of data about you:


Below is a description of these data types.


Panel profile data is used to administrate The Nepa Panel and to send invitations to surveys. Nepa Panel can also – through a Processor or Sub-processor – handle panel profile data for the purpose of letting other companies invite you to surveys. In these situations, no panel profile data that can be linked to an individual is shared with these companies.

Handling of your panel profile data – Panel owner’s Privacy Policy
When you create an account in The Nepa Panel you enter into an agreement with Nepa UK. Nepa UK is the data controller and therefore we want to inform you about what type of panel profile data related to you that we store.

1A. Registration data
2A. Background data

The data you provide us with at registration (registration data) and the answers you provide for the questions you can answer when you log into your panel account (background data) help us and other companies be more relevant in what surveys we invite you to. Below is a short description of the different data types.

1A. Registration data
When you register you enter your email address and answer a few registration questions we ask you. This is information needed to be able to send you surveys in the future.

1B. Background data
When you log into your panel account there are questions you can voluntarily respond to. The answers to these questions are saved as background data. The more questions you answer the more likely it is that you will be invited to more surveys and more surveys means more points.

Responsible for handling of your panel profile data
Nepa UK Ltd. (”Nepa UK”) is the data controller. We at Nepa UK share data with our processor, another company in the Nepa group, Nepa Sweden AB (”Nepa Sweden”) who manages The Nepa Panel on behalf of us and the sub-processor Cint AB (”Cint”) who is responsible for the technical platform behind The Nepa Panel. Sometimes we at Nepa UK, Nepa and Cint use suppliers who might need to process your data but it is always we at Nepa UK who’s responsible for making sure your data is handled according to GDPR, the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and that the right agreements are in place. The below processor and sub-processors being used are:

Nepa UK = Data controller
Nepa Sweden = Processor
Cint = Sub processor

As a panelist in The Nepa Panel you approve that your data can be sent to countries outside of EU/EES.

As a member of The Nepa Panel you are eligible to be invited to participate in surveys that are sent to you on behalf of Nepa UK but also on behalf of other companies who wish to conduct a research study. You are free to choose if you want to participate in studies.

Handling of your research data
Depending on what you allow – Nepa UK and other companies – have the possibility to collect research data about you. The type of research data we can collect is called:

2A. Survey data

Just before you answer your first survey you will be asked to give consent to which survey data about you that can be collected. You can always sign into your panel member account to check and withdraw the consents you have given. Below is a brief description of survey data.

2A. Survey data

All surveys sent to you during your time as a member in the panel has a specific buyer. This buyer can as mentioned be Nepa UK or other companies. When you choose to answer a survey you provide that buyer with data about you. Results from surveys are only used in aggregated and anonymised form. If your answers from a survey will be used in any other way this will clearly be communicated to you before you can start answering the survey. You can always choose to avoid answering those surveys.

Responsible for handling of your research data
It is the buyer who is the controller for the research data that is collected about you in each specific survey. It is voluntary to participate in surveys and answer questions. By answering a question in a survey you thereby approve of the buyers collection, storing and processing of that answer. If you are asked a question you do not wish to grant the buyer the right to collect, store and process the answer for you should not answer that question.

Click here to read the full user agreement.

If you have any questions regarding the panel membership or the data that is collected about you are welcome to contact